3 posts in one day…it’s a record! Last one, I promise.

Last year, I worked on lots of sunsets and one of my most favorite shots was of downtown Seattle.

Well, this year, I’ve been hoping to catch the sunrise. Miss Amanda is almost always up for an early morning adventure so I recruited her to come with me to Kerry Park last weekend, after we got back from camping. Here’s how it turned out.

You can faintly see Mt Rainier to the right of the Space Needle

This one was an oops but I think it still came out pretty cool. Kinda looks like Christmas lights.

I didn’t think about it at the time, but during the winter, the sun rises closer to the mountain (when you can see it happen). So hopefully, between dodging rain clouds and having the baby, we’ll be able to catch some more dramatic shots 🙂 We were also talking about heading across the water to West Seattle and Alki Beach to catch the sunrise silhouetting behind the city.

Speaking of which, we did finally decide on a name. Her name will be Catalina Isabella Lopez. The crib, mattress and bedding arrived last week and Rico put it all together Monday night.

This is pretty much the only pink in the room (hoping to stay that way too). The wainscoting is actually white (not yellow like the picture shows).

Catalina is growing perfectly; she’s about 12 inches long and 1.7lbs (the length of an eggplant!)

Had an ultrasound this morning…

24 weeks, 3 days. Everything looks great so this will be our last ultrasound until the end. Kind of sad that we won’t get to see her every two weeks but happy that I don’t have to sit with a full bladder for an hour! I have the glucose test (test for gestational diabetes) in 2 weeks. I get to drink a super sugary orange drink then get my blood sugar tested after an hour. If I don’t pass, next time, it’ll be a 3hr test.
Me – I’m just slowing down and swelling up, lol. Sarah at work told me today that I’m “starting to look very pregnant.” And I still have 4 months to go! Up about 4-5 lbs. Lots of hip pain, it’s difficult for me to lift my right leg to get in and out of the car or to climb the stairs. I know…it’s only going to get worse. Rico was super sweet and got me a pregnancy massage so I’m going this afternoon – yay :D!!