We had a positively gorgeous Mother’s Day this year. Rico treated us all to a day at Seaside. This was our first long car ride with Catalina so I was a little nervous going in. But other than it taking us almost 6 hours to get there, it went pretty well. We stopped at Fort Stevens State Park along the way to get out and stretch our legs as well and feed Catalina and let her burn off some energy before getting to our hotel, The Rivertide Suites.

Is it weird that I don’t consider this my first Mother’s Day? Last Mother’s Day, I was around 3 1/2 months pregnant so we celebrated 🙂

The weather was warmer than we expected and not a drop of rain in sight. Love Love Loved it!! Most of these were taken by Rico so I had a chance to get in front of the camera and get some shots with my girl 😀

Fort Stevens is an old battle armory on the coast of Oregon.

The following pictures are from Erika 😀

We also took Catalina swimming for the first time. We discovered she is not fond of cool swimming pools, but who is? (They say it was heated but it wasn’t warm like bathwater). But she didn’t mind the hot tub – we got in around 8 in the morning when the pools opened so the hot tub wasn’t super warm yet but it was warmer than the swimming pool. Rico has pictures on his underwater camera so hopefully we’ll download those soon.

On Catalina’s 7 month birthday, we were in Oregon so we took these when we got home so they’d match the rest of her month photos.
(I’ll do a separate 7 month stats post after our doctors appt tomorrow)

The shots are getting much harder to take now that she’s mobile! What a little ball of energy!

You can see her hair is finally growing back too!