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3 posts in one day…it’s a record! Last one, I promise.

Last year, I worked on lots of sunsets and one of my most favorite shots was of downtown Seattle.

Well, this year, I’ve been hoping to catch the sunrise. Miss Amanda is almost always up for an early morning adventure so I recruited her to come with me to Kerry Park last weekend, after we got back from camping. Here’s how it turned out.

You can faintly see Mt Rainier to the right of the Space Needle

This one was an oops but I think it still came out pretty cool. Kinda looks like Christmas lights.

I didn’t think about it at the time, but during the winter, the sun rises closer to the mountain (when you can see it happen). So hopefully, between dodging rain clouds and having the baby, we’ll be able to catch some more dramatic shots 🙂 We were also talking about heading across the water to West Seattle and Alki Beach to catch the sunrise silhouetting behind the city.

Speaking of which, we did finally decide on a name. Her name will be Catalina Isabella Lopez. The crib, mattress and bedding arrived last week and Rico put it all together Monday night.

This is pretty much the only pink in the room (hoping to stay that way too). The wainscoting is actually white (not yellow like the picture shows).

Catalina is growing perfectly; she’s about 12 inches long and 1.7lbs (the length of an eggplant!)

Had an ultrasound this morning…

24 weeks, 3 days. Everything looks great so this will be our last ultrasound until the end. Kind of sad that we won’t get to see her every two weeks but happy that I don’t have to sit with a full bladder for an hour! I have the glucose test (test for gestational diabetes) in 2 weeks. I get to drink a super sugary orange drink then get my blood sugar tested after an hour. If I don’t pass, next time, it’ll be a 3hr test.
Me – I’m just slowing down and swelling up, lol. Sarah at work told me today that I’m “starting to look very pregnant.” And I still have 4 months to go! Up about 4-5 lbs. Lots of hip pain, it’s difficult for me to lift my right leg to get in and out of the car or to climb the stairs. I know…it’s only going to get worse. Rico was super sweet and got me a pregnancy massage so I’m going this afternoon – yay :D!!


1st Place and 17 weeks to go!

Just a quick update.

Baby is doing well – very active and likes to jump on my bladder at 3 in the morning! I’ve been feeling movement since about 18 weeks, but Rico was finally able to feel kicks from the outside this past weekend! Very cool! He likes to watch my stomach jump randomly, haha. We’re at almost 23 weeks now, so 17 weeks to go.

We’re prepping for our camping trip next week. We rented a group site this year and we hope that a bunch of our friends can make it out to join us. We cancelled our housewarming/cookout due to the permit hold up so this will be our big get-together instead. Speaking of permits, the plans have been submitted to the City of Covington and now we’re just waiting on approval. They said 4-6 weeks but hopefully since it’s only decks, they’ll process it quicker, but we’re not holding our breath on that.

Emerald Downs held it’s annual Equine Art Show this past week. I entered these pictures on canvas:
I wanna be a grown up!

I Wanna Be A Grown Up (4 horse butts) won 1st place in Photography! AND one of the judges, who is a huge collector, purchased my piece!! I was completely shocked and extremely happy! And more good news – Kerry, our gift shop manager here at the track has agreed to consign my other piece.

Rico has sold his car so we are in the process of looking for a replacement for him. So as of right now, we are a 1 car family. We’ll see how long this lasts, before we drive each other crazy. Good thing we have essentially the same schedules and work in the same area. I’m playing around with the idea of upgrading as well, sometime before baby gets here. I’m torn between the GMC Terrain and the Chevy Traverse.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the baby’s crib:

that Mom & Bucky have graciously purchased for us. It should arrive on Friday! Once it’s put together (Rico’s job since he doesn’t trust me to build things), we’ll be able to start decorating the nursery 😀

Today, I had the unique opportunity to have a 3D/4D ultrasound. Siemens Ultrasounds is a company developing new technology in ultrasound machines. They were looking for participants for a free ultrasound and one of my old co-workers forwarded me the contact information.

Luckily, while they were scanning me, they found a glitch in the software so they kept me on the table for an hour and half which led to more pictures 🙂

Blood flow in the brain

Blood flow in the heart

Alien baby profile – baby is about 10oz at the moment so no cute baby fat for these photos.

Baby was kicking up a storm at first then ended up in a yoga pose for the final pictures. Feet and hands are up by the face.