December was a busy month with all the holidays and a trip to North Carolina.

Let’s start with the great weather we had at the very end of November/Thanksgiving.

For Christmas, I had been wanting to do family photos at a tree farm. Keren Fenton Photography was offering a tree farm mini session. I am so happy with these images.

You probably recognize a few from our Christmas cards πŸ™‚

In early December, Catalina & I made a trip to NC to visit my side of the family. We were supposed to have a 30 minute layover in Houston before meeting Mom at Norfolk. Definitely my fault for scheduling such a short layover but I was nervous about long layovers. Boy did I step in it! I was waiting for them to bring up the stroller from the Gate Checked baggage. After everyone had gotten their stuff and the pilots were deplaning, we were still waiting. They checked the ticket and they had apparently lost the stroller. I was a wreck, stressed about making the connection, carrying/dragging Catalina & our carry on luggage, 1 tram ride and a whole terminal away, we made it to the connecting flight only to have missed the boarding call and the doors were shut. Because of bad weather and the extra fuel, they couldn’t allow any other passengers/weight onto the plane.

We had 2 options, either wait until the next morning for a flight as this was the last direct connect flight to Norfolk that day, or fly to another airport then connect to Norfolk. We chose option 2. At first the only flight they could find was to New Jersey but that was only one seat (I’d paid for 2 since Catalina is over 2 and now needs her own seat). There was no way I would be able to cram all of our stuff into one seat and have her on my lap. They finally found a flight to Charlotte, only it wouldn’t depart for another 4 hrs, then we’d have another 2 hr layover in Charlotte. Que the long layover I was dreading.

Surprisingly, Catalina was great considering the circumstances. We wondered around the airport, had a long dinner and proceeded to walk around the terminal 20 times. She loves the moving sidewalks! She also loves running in circles and in between the long rows of chairs. Normally she’s super shy with new people but that day, she was very outgoing and chatty. She’d go up to people who were napping at the gate and let everyone know they were “seeping, shhh” (sleeping). She’d gotten about a 30 minute nap on the first flight which apparently rejuvenated her until we got on the plane. As soon as we were in the air, she climbed on my lap and went to sleep.

Charlotte wasn’t too bad, and we ended up with 3 seats to ourselves for the final leg. The flight itself only lasted about 30 minutes. We arrived around midnight, about 8 hrs later than we had planned. Luckily, Mom & Jus were at enjoying their extra time at Olive Garden during the long wait!

I didn’t take as many pictures as I normally do, unfortunately. But we did get family photos done while we were visiting (as separate post is coming with those once I have them in hand).

No highchair for this little lady, she loved the stools so much.

We visited Christina & Hunter and got to play outside for a little bit.

This little guy spent most of the airplane ride, blowing his nose!

Here’s a preview of the family photos, taken with Mom’s phone.

Sunrise on our way home. Our flight left before sun break and flew into an approaching snow storm. We were lucky to get the last flight out to Seattle before the cancelled the rest.

Homeward bound:

She still talks about “fly airpane wheee” (flying in an airplane, wheee!), lol. Everyone said she did really well on the airplane, no complaints. She didn’t cry once and for that I’m grateful.

Christmas morning was a less than pleasant event this year. Catalina was fighting a fever and a cold, tired and grouchy. She didn’t want to eat, drink or open presents. The first gift she opened was a toy vacuum which didn’t go over very well because she’s scared of vacuums (we got it so she wouldn’t be scared of mine). She has since changed her mind about her vacuum and now loves it but still hates mine (she hides under her blanket on the couch and pretends it can’t see her.

Loving her new jacket & train set Uncle Tim, Aunt Jodie and Cousin Jade got her πŸ™‚

Luckily, within an hour of Nana & Grandpa coming over, she finally started feeling better and actually ate a ton of ham for dinner.

Rico’s big Christmas gift: front row tickets to the final game of the regular season between the Seahawks and the Rams

He even made it on TV!

Apparently right after this, his phone started blowing up with everyone texting to say they had seen him!

We are finished with binkies, finally. We took it away last Saturday. It’s been a long week but she’s pretty much stopped asking for it. Unfortunately, she’s never been the kind of kid to self soothe, so getting her to go to sleep has been the hardest part. It’s been taking her 2-3hrs to go down.

And here is a 2013 wrap up for us: