2 years ago, Catalina came into the world, taking our breath away. She’s a precoucious animated handful who is a momma’s girl and loves to rough house! She’s a little monkey that loves to hang on anything she can reach and loves to be a big help in the kitchen putting away dishes and closing doors and drawers.  She’s also now tall enough to unlock both front doors!

Catalina – you are beyond anything I could have imagined. You surprise me everyday with how much you know and how much you pick up, even if you don’t say it. I love that you reach for me even when you’re asleep, when I check on you in the middle of the night. You & your daddy make my world go ’round. Some days, I look at you and can’t believe how much like a little person you look. You no longer have your round baby face. You’ve never been a chunky baby by any means, but now you’re so tall, lean and strong, it’s hard to picture you at your 4lb birth weight. You make my day when I come home and you come running to me on your tippy toes, yelling Momma!

Favorite food: Any kind of fruit
Favorite activity: coloring (scribbling), jumping on the couch, reading
Words: Thank You, Please (peas), Cheese, Momma, Dadda,  I Stinky (whenever she’s wet or dirty), shoes, Elbow, Mouth (mou), Uh Uh, Up, Nose, Juice,
She knows her body parts and can point to them: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, elbow, knees, toes, fingers, belly button, feet (see video below)
Favorite song: Wheels on the Bus

Height: 2 ft 8 inches
Weight: Somewhere around 21 lbs
Clothes: Size 5-6 shoes, 18-24 month tops, 18-24 month pants (Slim fit only – all of the others are too big in the waist).

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My how far you’ve come!

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11 months 7

6-7-8 month comparison

Catalina Feb 2013

May Play

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