Summer is here and I’ve been neglecting this blog again.

We’re in the beginning stages of potty training with Catalina. For the most part, she just likes playing with the toilet paper.

Our garden is exploding. When we transplanted everything in June, I wasn’t sure that anything would actually grow considering my history with plants (and them committing suicide on me!).
But then this happened!

Just slightly overgrown! Rico wants a larger plot for next year so we can expand 🙂

I photographed my first live birth. It was a scheduled C-section and the doctors were great and let me into the operating room to photograph everything. It was incredible and I wish I could commit more time to this genre. Unfortunately, with the new job and the commute, I can’t be on call like I could when I was with Emerald Downs.

I photographed 4 weddings as a 2nd shooter. One of which was had this incredible view!

Rico transformed one of the cabinets into a chalkboard wall. The top is a menu board for us and the bottom is a chalkboard for Catalina to play with.

On Friday, I drove out to Mt Rainier for a star photography class.
It started with sunset at Tipsoo Lake.

Before the stars could make an appearance, we got this view.

Then the clouds you see in the picture rose out of the valley and headed straight for us. We took shelter in our cars, hoping it would blow past relatively quickly. Not so much. Lightning, thunder, hail and winds. I do have to admit, sleeping my car is more comfortable than I anticipated it would be. The stars finally made an appearance about 3:30am for about 15 minutes.

The clouds came back and obscured sunrise so we explored a little.

We’re going camping next weekend. Our first trip with Catalina so this should be interesting. We also have a cabin trip planned for September with Nana Erika. We might be glutton for punishment but we’re going to attempt Great Wolf again for our birthdays. Though for mine, I requested a date night out in Seattle so I can photograph the new ferris wheel they’ve added to the sky line.

The new job is going good. A lot of getting used to. My commute went from 10-15 minutes to an hour. I now take the Sounder train into Seattle and take a short bus ride up to Union where I work. I’m also doing payroll for 8 different companies so it’s a lot more workload than I was doing. Era has been really great and welcoming.