The gardening bug hit me this year so we decided to try our hand at a few fruits and vegetables.

We’ve got squash, zucchini, tomatoes (cherry, roma & grape), strawberries and an abundance of hot peppers – I’ll give you one wild guess who picked what in that line up! We did have snow peas and cucumbers but they both died when I transplanted them.

And our fence is now finally fixed & replaced.

We even have our first fruits of the season! Catalina and I picked/enjoyed these yesterday 🙂

We headed down to Fort Steilacoom yesterday to enjoy the weather. The park was super crowded but luckily, there was still plenty of space for her to run around and explore and hang out with Nana.

This girl sure does love her some swings!

I was even able to convince everyone to get a few family shots in before we left for the day 🙂

One of the girls at daycare had her toes painted so I decided to attempt Catalina’s. It actually didn’t go too bad. She already doesn’t mind too much having her nails clipped. Polish, though she’d have to sit still and not touch it. I had some quick drying polish so that’s what we used. And she’s fascinated with this. She walked around looking at her toes for a good hour!

Catalina also loves helping momma clean! She follows me around with the dust pan when I sweep and then she stole the broom from me!

We’re also working on sungasses since she loves ours. She won’t keep them on though for more than a couple seconds.