Wow – 2 years in a row, we’ve had incredible weather on Easter. Forget the groundhog, I vote the Easter Bunny in as a spring predictor. I like what he has to say much better!

We didn’t make camping last year – too much work with an infant, I say. This year though…Catalina’s ready and waiting! I think we’re planning 2 trips actually. A smaller one with just 2 other families then a large group site trip with about 12 adults and all the kids.

With as much as this kid loves the slide, we may have to invest in a larger play set!

Catalina got to have 3 egg “hunts” this year. She didn’t quite get the point of racing around and picking up all the eggs to put them in the basket. She instead concentrated on one egg at a time.

At daycare, she was the basket holder. From the picture, it doesn’t look like she minded. She liked holding all the loot!

Easter morning, while Daddy was playing disc golf, Catalina and I headed to Game Farm Park to take advantage of all the blooming cherry trees.

We headed home, had lunch, took a nap then headed back outside with Nana Erika & Grandpa Tony.

After dinner, we set up the final egg hunt, when the light was better. (Ignore the broken dilapidated fence in the background. We’re waiting on easement permits to replace it. Hopefully in the next week we’ll have everything we need.)

Then we did a little dancing!

Last year & this year!