Since the February update, the biggest milestone so far: she’s officially walking! Well, more like running now….

This was March 9, 2013 just before her 17 month mark.

And since then she’s just taken off. It still takes us by surprise sometimes when we watch her walk and run around.

She’s doing great with directions. She’ll help put trash/recycling in the bins, she knows to head to the stairs and climb up when we say bath time. We say it’s PJ time and she sits down to take her socks off. At dinner time, I say go get in your chair and she heads to the table and pulls out her chair. She’s not tall enough to get in it herself yet though.

She’s also getting much more independent. She wants to brush her own teeth and choose which shoes to put on in the morning.

Little miss is finally done with bottles completely. We held off until we ran out of formula but it was really a simple change. She fusses when she sees a bottle so we just put them in the cabinet and just offer her a sippy cup of milk between dinner to bedtime and so far it’s not been an issue. She maybe fusses once in the middle of the night but that’s more because she lost her pacifier, not because she’s hungry. Her bedtime is between 7-730pm and she gets up to go to daycare around 630. On the weekends, she sleeps in (us too!) til around 8 or 830am.

Her new favorite toy is the magnets on the fridge.

The weather has finally turned away from winter cold and we actually expect a 71 degree Easter day. We’ve been getting lots of use out of our slide in the back yard. She also really loves the play area at the local mall. The slides are much higher than ours but she loves it. I have a feeling she’s going to be a dare devil!

She still loves playing with our phones. She knows how to unlock mine and how to take pictures.

Stealing daddy’s girl scout cookies.

Late, I know but here’s her Valentines day photo. Our daycare did photo day –

We’re planning to do a mini easter egg hunt in our back yard this Easter so hopefully I’ll post some of those photos soon after. Here are a few from last year for comparison.