The post is dedicated to pigtails! You’ll see in the photos below.

Knock on wood **knock knock** we’re all almost better health wise (at least until the next round of snotty noses comes around). Rico got tubes put in his ears and can almost hear again. He’s got allergy tests scheduled this Friday & an MRI after that to see if there’s anything deeper that may be causing his frequent sinus pain.

I am currently studying for my Certified Payroll Professional exam. I’m taking the exam at the end of April. I’m finding out that I have so much to learn about payroll!

Catalina is doing really well. She’s got her bottom molars coming in – she’s now up to 14 teeth! She’s also gaining weight, at her last check in, she was 17lbs 13oz. Compared to her January check up, she’s up almost 2lbs! She’s definitely eating more and loves her milk! She got her love of milk from Rico, lol! She absolutely loves crackers/cheerios and cheese.

She’s walking on her knees – still hasn’t quite figured out moving her feet forward when not holding on to someone or something though. She loves pushing things around – she rearranges furniture on a daily basis. Last night, it was her chair at the table, she pushed it all the way into the kitchen then into the living room.

She loves “helping” out in the kitchen. Basically, that means anytime the dishwasher is open, watch out for Klepto Catalina!

January/February have been relatively dry for us so we’ve tried to get out and play. We have a playground in the housing development down the street so we’ve visited that.