Yes yes, I know…It’s now almost Valentine’s day. What can I say? I’ve been in a slump photowise and we’re all recovering from about a month worth of sickness. I’m on meds for walking pneumonia that I’ve had since the beginning of January, Rico is battling severe sinus congestion – we think tubes in the ears is the next step.

After we got back from NC, we moved Catalina to a new daycare.  It was right down the road from our house so it was much closer.  They also had more kids than her last day care and we thought maybe she would watch them and make her want to walk.  We were hoping she would transition easily.

Boy, were we wrong.  She would cry from the moment I dropped her off to the time I picked her up.  She wouldn’t eat. They say it takes a few weeks for them to get into the new routine.  Apparently not for Catalina.  On top the new transition, she brought home new germs.  So in the 3 weeks we had her there, we were called 2 times to pick her up for having a fever.  Top that with a runny nose and cough, she wasn’t sleeping well at night.  Which equals Momma and Daddy not sleeping well.  In the evenings and weekends, she would cling to me and not let me put her down for anything.  She wouldn’t go to Rico and didn’t want to play.  During the day, the teachers had to hold her to keep her from disrupting class for the other kids.  This obviously isn’t what we wanted.

Hoping the cool air will help her cough and clear up her stuffy nose.

At her 15 month appointment in January, she had lost a pound instead of gaining any weight and since she’s an itty bitty to begin with, this concerned me.  She went from 17lbs at her 12 month appointment to 16.3.   After talking with the teachers at the new daycare – the other 2 kids who had started at the same time she had were already adjusting and settling in.  According to the teachers, the only time she would settle down was during nap time, when all the other kids were quiet.  When the kids were running around and being loud and rambunctious, she would get upset.

So we begged our former daycare to take us back.  They were glad to.  We moved her back to the Backstretch Daycare again and the very first day, an immediate improvement! She’s our happy, smiley baby again.  It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since we moved her back and man, what a difference it’s been. It’s so nice to be able to sit her down and not have her freak out and cling and sob!

She is so much happier with the smaller class size and the kids she knows and the teachers she’s grown up with since 6 weeks old.

She’s still not walking but she loves her walker and cruises around the living room and kitchen.  She’s strong enough to guide it and turn it around so she laps around and entertains herself!

Here are a few shots from Christmas time. I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked but instead of being behind the camera, I was in front and enjoying time with family 😀 It was pretty much 60 degrees and sunny the entire time we were in NC. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves until the flight back. Projectile puke and 2 delayed flights makes for a very long return trip!

Cookies with Grandma!

Catalina also got to meet her cousin Jade Lauren for the first time!

They had a blast!

Doesn’t it look like Jade is telling Catalina something really important?

Daddy baking cookies!

Snacks with Grandpa

Testing out Jade’s fancy car!