Really, I have no excuse for not posting more often. But to make up for it, here are some photos from October 🙂

From her birthday…I didn’t get many shots since we did it at our house. Next year, we’re thinking of doing it somewhere else so we don’t have to clean up afterward! I posted her birthday video so you’ve already seen how much she loves cupcakes!

We had gorgeous warm sunny weather up until our birthday. The rain has now set in but before that happened, we enjoyed it as much as possible.

Her newest trick is butt up in the air monkey walk/crawl.

We went to the pumpkin patch a few miles from our house (after we drove all the way to Puyallup, only to encounter hoards of people at the most popular pumpkin patch around). Luckily, the rain held off. I don’t think Catalina knew what to make of the whole thing but she was fascinated by the baby pumpkins and gourdes.

The only smile we were able to get out of her the whole time

Halloween was a new thing for her too – last year she was in the NICU

But this year, she went as a Ladybug. We bought her costume early, but she grows like a string bean so her tights didn’t fit. After a last minute scramble, we were able to find an 18 month Christmas outfit with black/red stripes that worked perfectly. So she wore a 9 month poofy body and 18 month pants. Crazy!

Daddy and the munchkin hanging out while I finished up a photo shoot.