I’ve had this post ready for about a week now but I wanted to wait until her doctor’s appointment on the 16th for the true stats.

Last year at this time, we were driving back and forth daily to the NICU…oh my, how far we’ve come!

Age: 12 months – whoo 1 year old!

Weight: 15lbs 13 oz (up 6 oz from 11 months old)

Length: 28 inches long – what a growth spurt! Now in the 17th percentile compared to below 5%!

Size: Between size 2 and 3 diaper.  We’re transitioning to Pampers Movers to see if it helps with blow outs, because my goodness, this girl knows to fill a diaper!

Hair: Thick and fluffy, with a little bit of curl in the back

Teeth: 2 bottom teeth, 2 top teeth have popped through and at least 3 more top teeth coming through.

Activities: All over the place.  Climbing stairs (she’s awesome at catching us not putting the gate back up), climbing onto the open dishwasher door when I’m loading and unloading.  Banging drawers and doors in the kitchen – she doesn’t really go into them yet but I’m sure that’s next.  We’ve got the baby lock on the cabinet with the trash/cleaning supplies so all the other drawers/doors are pots and pans.

Favorite Toys: Mr. B (we finally gave her stuffed monkey a name), wrestling with blankets, remotes, phones

Words: She is such a momma’s girl but her first word…”Dada”! Here she is waiting for Rico to get home.

Sleeping: We cut out her afternoon nap so she’s down to 1, which makes bedtime super easy. She pretty much passes out at her bedtime bottle at 7:30 and sleeps til about 2am, then after another bottle, she usually sleeps until 8-830am when Rico gets her up for school. We tried adding rice cereal to her bedtime bottle, hoping to extend her sleeping but it didn’t really work. I think since she’s so small for her age, that she just gets hungrier more often because she doesn’t eat as much as other babies her age.

Eating: In the last month, she’s picked up eating finger foods and sipping from a sippy cup really well. She’s doing so well, daycare basically moved her into the toddler room a few weeks early (she’s not officially allowed to be moved in there until her 1st birthday but she spends most of her day in there – naps, playtime. The only time she’s in the infant room is for her bottle. We’re not weaning her from a bottle yet because she’s not eating a ton yet). She likes lots of different things: chicken, apples (she is an apple maniac – we picked fresh apples off the tree in the backyard and she went crazy for them), peaches, puffs, Cheerios, cheese, black beans, nutra grain bars, lunch meat, hot dogs, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, mac & cheese, eggs, mushrooms, cupcakes (only at her birthday party/photo shoot), potatoes, spinach

Dislikes: Being fed off a spoon so most purees are out now.

Likes: Playing with the big kids at school. She’s been moved into the toddler room a few weeks early. Being tossed (safely) in the air. Shoes laces – untying them mostly

A few clips from her birthday party:

And a bonus video I found looking back on the YouTube channel :O)