Age: 11 months

Weight: 15lbs 7 oz (up 8 oz from 10 months old)

Length: 25.5 inches long

Size: Size 2 diapers! 9-12 month clothes – mainly 12 month though for length.

Hair: Getting much thicker and starting to cover her ears now.  Soon we’ll be able to do a Bam Bam pony tail!

Teeth: 2 bottom front teeth and at least one top tooth popping through right now – teething times, so much fun :-/.

Activities: So I was wrong – she’s crawling now.  She’s up on her knees and still pulls herself up on anything and everything — people, gates, couches, chairs. I’m usually greeted at daycare by her standing up and rattling the baby gate in her classroom. And changing her diaper is an Olympic sport now! Twisting, rolling, naked butt up in the air – anything but lying flat on her back to get her back into her clothes.

Favorite Toys: Anything she’s not supposed to play with…remotes, DVD players, phones, plugs – her favorite is to crawl over behind the recliner and pull apart the cords that power it.

Sleeping: We cut out her afternoon nap and now she’s pretty much passed out when we lay her down at 7:30.   Though since she’s been teething for the past couple of days, she’s been sleeping for an hour to 2 hrs and then pops back up and is ready to play until midnight…not so much fun!

Eating: Right before she started teething again, she started eating 6 oz of formula per sitting.  Hopefully that’ll pick up again.  It might also make her sleep better if she eats more at bedtime.  We’re trying to cut out her midnight bottle but that’s not been very successful yet.

Dislikes: Sitting still. Diaper rashes and cold wood floors…we had a monster of a diaper rash last week and one of the recommendations was to let her play naked for a few hours to air out everything and promote healing. It lasted maybe 20 minutes. She didn’t want to sit and play (we had towels down to help clean up any messes). She was having none of it. As soon as I put the diaper back on, she was fine (I’m sure we’ll appreciate this later when she learns to take her diaper off and fling poo everywhere — I’ve heard horror stories lol). Thankfully the diaper rash is gone (thanks to an assortment of new rash creams).

Likes: Beating up her toys; dropping food on the floor (we’re trying new solids and all she wants to do is pick them up and watch them drop to the floor).

Now that she’s more mobile…she likes to get into everything, and I mean EVERYTHING…here, have a look!