Age: 10 months

Weight: 14lbs 15 oz (up 12 oz from 9 months old)

Length: 25.25 inches long (same)

Size: Size 2 diapers! 9-12 month clothes.

Hair: That stubborn bald spot is still there but her dandelion hair is getting longer and slowly covering it.

Teeth: 2 bottom front teeth.

Activities: Still army crawling though she sits on her knees more. I’m guessing she probably won’t crawl and will skip right to walking/running. She’s figured out how to go from sitting to crawling and back again. Pulls herself up on anything and everything — people, gates, couches, chairs. I’m usually greeted at daycare by her standing up and rattling the baby gate in her classroom. And changing her diaper is an Olympic sport now! Twisting, rolling, naked butt up in the air – anything but lying flat on her back to get her back into her clothes.

Favorite Toys: Toys that stack so she can knock them over. Toys that she can bang together – her current favorite is a stackable measuring cup set.

Sleeping: Bedtime is still 8 but she fights it until 9 usually. She’s also learned to fake cry – so much fun :/

Eating: Level 2, 4 oz 4-5 bottles a day with 2 solid meals. She loves pretty much all fruits. So far we’ve only had one negative reaction and that was to rutabaga. So we tossed the 2 foods that had that in it and we’ve been good since then.

Dislikes: Sitting still. And most recently, car rides. I’m sure that’s part of the whole not wanting to sit still thing.

Likes: Beating up her toys; trying to climb over us; silly faces; chewing on anything and everything. Trying to climb stairs :-0