We started talking about her 1st birthday last night…

  • How did that happen?? Where did the time go??
  • Right now, the plan is to do a small party at our house the weekend before. Then on our actual birthday, we’ll be spending the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge!

    Age: 9 months

    Weight: 14lbs 3 oz (up 11 oz from 7 months old) I thought she’d gained much more than that but she’s still on track with her upward curve so the doctor isn’t worried.

    Length: 25.25 inches long (same)

    Size: Size 2 diapers! 9 month clothes.

    Hair: Filling in her bedhead spot, and getting fluffier.

    Doesn’t it look like she’s stretching for a workout here?

    Teeth: A new category for us! She has her very first tooth. Her bottom front tooth popped up on her 9 month bday. I was feeding her and felt something hard and sharp in her mouth. Totally wasn’t expecting it. She hadn’t been acting fussy or feverish or anything. But it does explain why she wasn’t interested in eating as much during the prior week.

    Activities: Completely sitting unassisted now. Army crawling and learning to sit on her knees and rock back and forth. She hasn’t figured out the transition between sitting up and army crawl yet but it’s coming. She’s also learning how to get into things – found her under the side table in the living room the other day, going through her diaper bag, lol. And changing her diaper is an Olympic sport now! Twisting, rolling, naked butt up in the air – anything but lying flat on her back to get her back into her clothes.

    Favorite Toys: Chew toys. She’s got crab and turtle squirting bath toys she loves gnawing on! She also loves to chance balls around the floor. Oh and knocking stacked blocks over. She no longer likes sitting in her jumper for any amount of time. She loves being on her tummy or sitting up on her own.

    Sleeping: Bedtime is 8 and will sleep through the night until Daddy wakes her up.

    Eating: Level 2, 4 oz 6-7 bottles a day with 2 solid meals. She loves bananas, apples, carrots. She always curious what we’re eating so if it’s something that’s baby friendly, we’ll feed her a taste or two. Spaghetti sauce was her favorite last night. She completely holds her own bottle now. Oh and if you don’t give the bottle to her fast enough, she lets out a few pitiful whines and few tears.

    Dislikes: Sitting still. Oh and we did have a little bit of stranger danger reaction last month. A husband of one of the daycare workers visited the daycare and picked Catalina up. She got all wide eyed and looked around then started bawling! Poor guy! But she’s been fine since with a few of our friends who haven’t seen her in forever, she went to them just fine.

    Likes: Beating up her toys; trying to climb over us; silly faces; chewing on anything and everything.

    And she’s finished sitting still:

    Daddy was there the whole time!