She’s not in focus but the smile was too cute not to post it!

I got all the way through the 8 month photo shoot and realized I forgot to put her sticker on her shirt! So we re-did the shoot but only managed to get 2 shots before she started taking the sticker off and playing with it, lol. So that’s why there are some with the sticker and some without…you’ll see what I mean 🙂

Age: 8 months

Weight: I’m guessing 14.5lbs, we haven’t been to the doctor this month so no actual weight checks.

Length: Another guess of 25.5 inches.

Size: Size 2 diapers! 6-9 month clothes, mainly 9 month though

Acrobatics anyone?

Hair: Her dandelion fluff is back, which makes me happy. Her bald spot is slowly getting covered as well with the longer hair from the top of her head.

Activities: Scooting around, army crawling style. She started that exactly on her 8 month mark. She’s getting much faster at it too – she loves to push off with her toes and pounce really fast on her toys, mainly Sophie the Giraffe. She’s also learned she can roll multiple times in a row to get somewhere (note to self: look into baby proofing the house – immediately!)

Favorite Toys: We’ve officially gotten rid of the blanket beneath her jumper because she’s tall enough to reach the floor without it now – yay! She loves rolling around on the floor with books (hopefully she’s a reader like momma)

Sleeping: Goes to bed at 8 but has most recently started waking daddy up about 7-730ish which is 30mins to an hour earlier than normal.We may have to get darker shades in her room to help her sleep longer.

Eating: Level 2, 4 oz every 3-4 hours, with one solid meal with us at dinner time. Last night was carrots which she loved! She likes grabbing the spoon and feeding herself so we let her.

Dislikes: Sitting still…

All done, Mommy!

Likes: Beating up her toys; trying to climb over us; silly faces and raspberries on her tummy and toes.

Proof that we do get sun in the Northwest…