You’ve already seen the photos but I suppose I should do the post before I forget the differences of what new things she’s doing before the next post is due šŸ™‚

Age: 7 months

Weight: 13lbs 4.5 oz (under 5th percentile for full term babies, 5th percentile for adjusted age)

Length: 25.25 inches long (21st percentile for full term, 44th percentile for adjusted age)

Size: Size 2 diapers! 6-9 month clothes.  She can still fit into some of her 3 month onsies but that’s really stretching it!

Hair: Finally growing back!  She still has a bald spot in the back but her old man receding hair line is all but gone šŸ˜€

Activities: She’s sitting up unassisted much more now.  She still wobbles and rolls over but she’s getting better about balancing. She’s also starting to lift her arms up to be picked up. She spins in circles on the floor on her tummy so she can get to a specific toy. Occasionally, she’ll use her mat to pull herself forward but no leg action unless there’s something or someone to push off of.

Favorite Toys: She loves her jumper still – anything that lets her bounce up and down (and she almost touches the floor all by herself now – she’s such a peanut!) Anything she can chew on basically.  I forgot that I bought Sophie the Giraffe but I found it last week.  Catalina’s not completely sure about her yet but she likes the squeeky and has chewed on her a few times.

Sleeping: Still sleeping through the night from 8pm – 8am, with feeding at 12am and 5 am.  She’s still getting 2 – 2 hour naps during the day.

Eating: We upped her nipple to a level 2 and increased the flow (we have level 3s but we haven’t tried those yet) and she’s back to eating 4oz every 3-4 hrs. Still trying the solids. We tried peas last night. That ended with her needing a bath. But she did like gnawing on a peach I was eating. So maybe she just doesn’t like purees…

Dislikes: Sitting still and the vacuum – found that out the hard way a few weeks ago.  I had her in her bouncer and was vacuuming and she started screaming! I thought something was wrong but I pulled her out and she was fine. So I put her in the jumper and went back to vacuuming.  Instant redfaced screaming with tears.  Poor girl. I don’t know if it’s the sound or how loud it is or what but there’s no vacuuming when she’s around now.

Likes: Beating up her toys; trying to climb over us; silly faces and raspberries on her tummy and toes.