This was my dad’s first time to the Northwest (and only the second time on a plane!) and his first time meeting his granddaughter:D I haven’t seen him since Christmas 2010 so this visit was long overdue.

We tried to visit Snoqualmie Falls but it was a little too wet for our tastes!

So we spent plenty of time playing inside.

Blowing raspberries

We tried sweet potatoes for the first time…

So far she hasn’t like any kind of food so we’re hoping if we keep trying she’ll eventually start to like solids…here’s to hoping!

Such a happy girl!

The sun finally made an appearance over the weekend and we took advantage by heading to Seattle to do the tourist thing!

After a little research, we found out why the needle is orange instead of white or green, like we’re used to. Apparently “galaxy gold” was the original color in 1962 and they repainted it for it’s 50th anniversary.

It wouldn’t be vacation for my dad without some plumbing work (this is the guy that traveled all the way to Antigua for our wedding and ended up working on a water pump at his hotel!!) so he helped Rico replace our ancient toilet in our guest bathroom. Seriously – the toilet was from 1948! Since our house was built in the ’70s, someone thought it was a brilliant idea to install a 30 year old toilet! ::shakes head::
I’m happy to report, we now have 2 water saving matching toilets in our house! Sorry – no picture, didn’t figure it would be that interesting of a subject!