I’m woefully behind on posting Catalina’s 5 month photos! The photos are sitting on my camera waiting to be edited but I figured I’d give you a quick update in photos and videos to tide you over 🙂

Bath time is always fun around our house!

Little Miss has had cradle cap and has lost a lot of her hair on the top of her head 😦 We’re treating it with baby oil and scrubbing with a soft baby brush. Her hair has stopped falling out now, at least. Hopefully soon, it will start filling back in.

This past weekend, the Pacific NW decided to tease us with the taste of Spring that the rest of the country is already experiencing. While Daddy was out golfing, we ladies took a trip out to our back yard and soaked up a little Vitamin D. The following day, the clouds returned and we’re socked in again. But the cherry blossom trees are blooming so I guess technically it’s Spring somewhere beyond the grey clouds and rain.

With my schedule being 6am-2pm, that leaves nap time before Daddy gets home. This might also be one of the reasons I haven’t gotten her 5 month photos up yet…

She has learned how to blow raspberries and now soaks everything within reach! It’s funny because we’ll lay her down in her crib and if she’s not ready to go to sleep yet, she’ll lie there and blow raspberries to entertain herself. I voice recorded it but like photos, I haven’t uploaded anything yet. I’ll see if I can do that soon too 🙂

And as of last night…we have a roller!