Age: 4 months

Weight: 10lbs (under 5th percentile for full term babies, 8th percentile for adjusted age)

Length: 23.25 in (22nd Percentile for full term, 55th percentile for adjusted age) Apparently she’s gotten some of her great grandfather’s genes!

Size: Still in 3 month clothes, though some of the 3-6 month clothes fit perfectly. Size 1 diapers.

Teeth: We’re going to change her name to Puddles!

Hair: Maybe a little longer, but not by much. She now has a bald spot from tossing her head back and forth while lying in her crib or on daddy’s chest.
Sleeping:She doesn’t nap very well during the day but she sleeps really well at night so we can’t complain.

Oh Hi Mom - whatcha doin' over there?
“Oh hi, Mamma, whatcha doin’ over there?”
A little help here...
“A little help here…”
Mmm this chair tastes yummy!
“Mmm, this chair tastes yummy”

Eating: She’s almost to 4oz every 3-4 hrs, about 2 during the night feedings. The pediatrician gave us “permission” to let her sleep through the night from midnight on. We tried that over the weekend. After her midnight bottle, she’d sleep until about 9:30 and wake up on her own. She also now lays in our arms like a regular baby would usually eat, instead of laying on her side on the chair (how she learned to eat in the NICU). She actually eats much better this way and takes the bottle faster. The only issue is that she gets distracted by all the stuff around her – she hasn’t quite put together that she can’t turn her head and the bottle come with her. Oh and she’s attempting to hold her own bottle now in the new position. It’s still heavy for her so we obviously don’t let her hold it completely but it’s fun to watch her learn how to do tiny little things like that.

Activities: Loves her plastic rings and her play mat. She’s learned to bring her legs up and kick the toys above her. She’s also mastered grasping hanging toys and bringing them to her mouth.

Movement: She can now push herself up with her arms during tummy time. She scoots around in her crib while she sleeps constantly. The other night Rico found her with her feet up against the side of the crib, in an L shape, her head perpendicular to wall! On the changing table, she’s learned to push with her heels and arch her back so she scoots up (this is still a constant – it takes 3 hands to hold her still!). The pediatrician asked us on Friday if she was starting to roll and seemed surprised that when we said yes (from her tummy to her back). She’s also learning to roll from back to front, only about half way so far.

Favorite Toys: Hanging toys she can grasp at and plastic rings.

Dislikes: Going down for the night. She doesn’t want to miss anything even though she’s super tired and fights it until she’s exhausted.

Likes: Silly songs and daddy talking with his hands. When Rico is telling a story and uses his hands, she completely stops what she’s doing and stares and grins at him.

3 Month vs 4 Month comparison