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Showin’ off her wigglin’ skills.  Excuse the sideways video at first.  It should flip upright after a few seconds.

Wiggle Worm

Catalina surprised the heck out of our daycare the other day by rolling over.  Now we have it on video.  The other little boy in her class who is 8 months old doesn’t like tummy time and doesn’t know how to crawl yet :-0

Roly Poly

About those hot pink socks – they totally don’t match her outfit but they keep her feet warm and they have rocker-chick skulls on them so they make Daddy happy 🙂

Sitting up and a few sneezes!

Catalina wasn’t feeling great yesterday – we think it’s from the thrush medicine but just in case, we changed her formula as well to the sensitive version.  So far, she seems to like it.  But last night, she got to spend some time with daddy and apparently she liked it, if her singing was any indication!  You can also see she’s starting to grasp toys and bring them to her mouth better.  Let the drooling fun begin!