Catalina Isabella is such a beautiful name but it’s funny – we rarely call her by it. We probably should get better about that so she actually knows what her name is! Here is what we do call her:

Baby Girl


Little Miss

My Baby Belle


Wiggle Worm

Monkey Toes

Rotten Bottom



Bright Eyes



Now on to the good stuff 🙂
Her monkey hair!

3 month photo shoot!

Blooper! I love how her facial expression changed when she realized what was happening, lol.

Age: 3 months

Weight: Last night she was 9 lbs even

Length: Unsure.

Size: Has pretty much outgrown all newborn outfits and fits into most 3 months clothes with the exception of length – she’s still a little too short for them. Completely in size 1 diapers.

Teeth: No teeth but she sure does drool a lot!

Hair: Has lightened up a little bit. You can really see the difference after a bath.

Sleeping: Sleeps pretty much through the night from 10pm to 7am. We still get her up every 4 hrs to feed but usually goes back to sleep. During the day, she usually sleeps at daycare (yes unfortunately, we pay them to watch her sleep!). Once I pick her up at 2, she’ll nap in 20 min spurts and is usually up until bed time.

Eating: She eats 3oz, every 3-4 hours. During the middle of the night feedings, she only takes about 1-2 ounces because she mostly sleeps through it. She’s still on fortified breast milk.

Activities: She’s discovered her hands and constantly sucks on them and grasps them together. She sits up really well in a boppy or against us in chair.

Movement: She definitely doesn’t like tummy time flat on the floor but loves it when she’s lying belly down on our chest. She can push herself up from that position but not from flat on the floor. She scoots around in her crib while she sleeps – she sleeps on her tummy and in the morning she’s against the side of the crib. On the changing table, she’s learned to push with her heels and arch her back so she scoots up.

Favorite Toys: She doesn’t really do toys yet. She’ll bat at rattles, usually accidentally when she’s flailing her arms. She loves her swing but mainly she likes interacting with us the best.

Dislikes: Tummy time on the floor and wet diapers.

Likes: Country music, funny faces

Words & sounds: What a chatter bug she is. She loves cooing on the changing table – that’s where we have our best conversations!

Her next doctor’s appointment is Feb 17 for her 4 month shots. Right now, we battling a bladder infection that has her very uncomfortable and fussy. Hopefully, the Amoxicillin will work quickly and make her the happy baby she usually is. But she’s gotten to enjoy a very long week of only one day of daycare due to first my gall bladder removal, MLK day then our huge snowstorm that had everything shut down from Tuesday night to today. We received about a foot of snow, topped with about a 1/2 inch of ice. Luckily no power outages for us – we were on of 3 houses on our block that retained power.