So apparently I haven’t written a post since just after Thanksgiving. I’m slacking, I know. But I do have a good reason. Her name is Catalina!

We’ve been quite busy with family visits, me going back to work, trying to get into a routine & the holidays.

It was so so nice to have my mom out. The visit was long overdue since I hadn’t seen her since last Christmas! And of course the extra set of hands for when Catalina decided she wanted to stay up and play from midnight to 4am, were very much appreciated!

I am back at work now so the Little Miss is in the daycare we have on site. She’s only there half a day, so Catalina gets “daddy time” in the morning before he drops her off, once I leave for work and “mommy time” when I pick her up after work, while we make dinner and wait for Rico to get home.

Catalina was 7 1/2lbs and 20.75in long at her 2 month check up on Dec 16. She also got 4 shots that she wasn’t happy about! I can definitely tell she’s gaining weight, though. We’re working out our back and shoulder muscles while we’re rocking her to sleep at night!

Miss Catalina met Santa for the first time…I’m guessing in next year’s photo she will be more awake 🙂

Also while Mom was here, I had the opportunity to step in front of the camera and get some family photos!

It didn’t always go as planned…

Overall, Miss Catalina is a happy baby!

And she’s starting to find her voice!
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For the most part, she loves bath time (as long as she’s warm). If she’s not happy, you definitely hear about it! Spa time!

Christmas morning 2011

Christmas dinner with Nana

Daddy and Catalina resting up for the big night in on New Year’s Eve.

Passed out after tummy time!