On Monday Sept 26, we went in for our 4 week growth ultrasound. We knew from the prior scans that she was measuring small. 4 weeks ago, she was measuring in the 19th percentile at about 2 1/2 lbs (29 weeks along).

On Tuesday morning, I went in for my regularly scheduled NST with Dr. Wallace. After the NST, he usually comes in the exam room and just checks to make sure that I don’t have questions, or concerns. Tuesday was a little different. He’d just gotten off the phone with the ultrasound clinic downstairs concerning our scan from yesterday. He came in and told me he was definitely concerned. She’s measuring at 30 weeks and I’m 33 weeks along. In 4 weeks, she’s only shown 1 weeks worth of growth.

As of right now, they’re calling this IUGR (Intra-uterine Growth Restriction). He thinks it’s because the placenta isn’t supplying enough blood flow to the baby due to the high blood pressure. Dr. Wallace felt that as of right now, we’ll probably just continue to monitor her growth until the point that she stops growing. At that point, we would induce early. The good news is her heart rate and reactions on the NSTs are good and the AFI (fluid index) is still great. But he also recommended that we do a 2nd ultrasound to confirm the results and get a 2nd opinion at Maternal Fetal Medicine at Valley Medical (which is where I’ll deliver). Dr. Wallace was able to get us an appointment for Friday.

So I went to work Tuesday, obviously worried and updated my boss to let him know what might happen and how soon it might happen. Luckily, they are very flexible and completely understanding. Well, Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from MFM saying that my appointment has been moved up to Wednesday and that it would be an in-patient check in. Um, what??

After several frantic calls to Dr. Wallace’s office, I found out that when Dr.Harding (MFM specialist) saw the results he wanted to go ahead and start the steroid shots and have monitoring of glucose levels and blood pressure before the appointment on Wednesday (Dr. Harding’s office called as soon as they got off the phone with Dr. Wallace and Dr. Wallace hadn’t had a chance to call me yet, hence the miscommunication – oops!) Dr. Wallace called ahead to the hospital and let them know we would be there around 7-8pm for check in to stay overnight.

Since we didn’t have any more answers Tuesday night than we did Monday, we decided to wait until after the ultrasound on Wednesday to let everyone know what the status was and that I was in the hospital over night. It seemed less stressful and selfishly, a little easier to deal without speculation or worries from the outside world at that point.

On Wednesday, I was wheel-chaired down to MFM for the ultrasound. Our first impression of the ultrasound tech wasn’t good. She had to worst beside manner imaginable and seemed pissy the entire time I was on the table – like we were wasting her time or something. I don’t know what her problem was but she definitely didn’t help the mood in the room. She seemed really irritable whenever we asked questions. I know she’s not supposed to tell us much but being more personable would have made this whole thing a little easier.

After the ultrasound, we immediately got to see Dr. Harding. I love that we got immediate results instead of waiting a few days to call and tell us. I completely love Dr. Harding. He seemed much friendlier and more personable and willing to explain in detail when we had questions. He thought it was great that we had done some homework on the IUGR and came in with questions.

Catalina is measuring in the 3rd percentile at about 3 1/2 lbs. Her head and limbs are measuring 1 week behind but her abdominal area is measuring 3 weeks behind. Dr. Harding doesn’t believe it has anything to do with genetics (we’d had labs done for those tests earlier in the pregnancy). He believes that it’s due to her not getting enough blood flow from the placenta. So to increase the blood flow, he has put me on bedrest until my next follow up ultrasound with him in 2 weeks (Oct 12th – whoohoo, happy birthday to me!), along with bi-weekly NSTs, AFIs and umbilical dopplers – good thing we live 5 minutes down the road from Dr. Wallace’s office!

Our goal is to make it to 36 weeks. If we make it to 36 weeks, she will have a better chance outside and less time in the NICU. He explained that for every day she stays inside (assuming of course that she’s getting the nutrition she needs), it equates to approximately 1-2 days in the NICU. He said that if at our next ultrasound, she shows she’s still growing, we will continue on with this course. He thinks that most likely, I’m on my way to Pre-Eclampsia (uncontrollable high blood pressure with no cure, other than delivery) but until that happens, it’s bedrest for me!