Apparently has a full head of hair:-D

We’re going to start doing AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index) ultrasounds in office once a week until the end (in addition to bi-weekly non-stress tests). Basically, it’s a simple ultrasound looking at the fluid levels in the placenta to make sure the placenta is doing it’s job correctly. If the placenta is not working correctly or breaking down too quickly, the fluid levels diminish dramatically.

Today was my first one. Dr. Wallace was pointing out what the different colors on the screen meant (grey is tissue, white is bone and black is fluid). First thing he saw was that she’s head down which is where she’s supposed to be but the next was that she has a ton of hair on her head, haha. Fluid measurements are great – he wanted at least a 5, my number was 19 so super good! Our next full ultrasound/growth scan is Monday.

During the NST this morning, she got the hiccups. It’s really cool to hear the loud rhythmic thumping to match what I feel – kind of feels like a light constant kicking but definitely more consistent than normal kicks. She’s been getting them a lot lately but that’s a good thing because they’re helping her lungs grow and function for the outside world!

Erika did an amazing job hosting my baby shower this past weekend. So much food left over, lol. In addition to hosting duties, she’s been busy painting an awesomely creative mural for Catalina’s room. There are a few more little details to add then, I promise, I’ll post pictures 🙂 It finally feels like we’re ready for Catalina to be here! Of course, we’re not completely ready – still little things to do, like get the car seats installed and pack the hospital bag.