Hurricane Irene has finally come and gone. She was an unwelcome end to a good beach season at home. Now, my hometown is drying out and cleaning up… (not my photos – from Facebook and

Downtown Manteo – 1587

Downtown Manteo – Poor Richards

New inlets on Hwy 12

Tanger Outlets in Nags Head

Nags Head

In baby news, since I’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I’m pricking my fingers 4x daily and so far we’ve been able to control it with diet and exercise. Because of the HPB and the GD, we’re going to a lot more doctors’ appointments now (at least 2 a week). We’ll start weekly Non-Stress Tests – basically I go lie down for 30mins to an hour and they monitor Catalina’s movements. Along with bi-weekly OB appointments and a growth scan (ultrasound) every 4 weeks. Today was the first growth scan.

She weighs 2lbs 13oz (about 30th percentile for this far along), mainly because her arms and legs are measuring a week behind (probably because her mom has short genes!). Nothing to worry about according to the ultrasound technician. But her head and stomach/body are measuring right on track. Heartbeat was at 147bpm. And obviously, still a girl – not that we were worried about that!

In house news, they’re calling in for our inspection of the siding and decks today, so you know what that means?? They’re practically finished (about freakin’ time!!)! They were out at 7am this morning finishing up last minute details before they call it in. It’ll be nice to finally put our new kitchen table together and our grill out on the deck! It’s been a long summer with no grill! I might even be able to throw in a few pictures of the “completed” house 😉

We’ve (I say we, I really mean Erika) has begun the initial stages of working on the beach mural for Catalina’s room 😀

Rico and I are getting the base paints this afternoon to start the primer layers. Hopefully next weekend we’ll be able to get the initial drawings up on the wall then the only thing left would be painting it!