This countdown suddenly looks very short and we have so much more to do!

We are attending a labor and birth class this weekend – we opted to go for the intense 2 day course vs the drawn out 6 week course.

Some new additions to the Lopez family…we went looking for a truck for Rico and came home with this for me:

2008 Ford Edge AWD (my only requirements were that it have AWD and be an SUV because I’ve regretted having a short car since the day I got the Malibu).
And this for Rico:

2007 Ford F-150 Lariat 4×4
We are now officially a Ford family – aren’t you so proud, Dad?

We’re slowly making progress on the deck permits. Rico contacted the city yesterday and found out that our plans have passed 2 of the 3 review departments. Hopefully the 3rd will take a look sometime next week. We’re crossing our fingers that this project is completed by the baby shower (Sept 17). I happened to glance at the red tag still on our deck and as Monday, we will have been on hold for a full 2 months. Yuck!