“And my mind went back to a few years ago
When we tried so long
We almost gave up hope
And I remember you
Comin’ in and tellin’ me the news

Oh man we were livin’
Goin’ crazy in the kitchen
We danced and screamed and held each other tight
We laughed until we cried”
Jason Aldean – Laughed Until We Cried

After two plus years of trying, I was greeted with this beautiful sight on the morning of Friday March 4th!
guess what?!

After the first positive, I was absolutely shaking and couldn’t believe it which is why there is another test in the picture…and another one not pictured, haha. I wanted to tell Rico right away but he is not the happiest morning person at 430am! So I managed to hold in my excitement until after work. I wrapped up the tests and a daddy-to-be book. When I got home that evening, I told him I had gotten him something and had him open the package. Rico was completely shocked and absolutely excited!

Our little jellybean is due to make his or her appearance 11/13/2011…just in time for Thanksgiving 😀

On Tuesday April 5, I went for my first OB appt expecting an easy ultrasound & some blood work. First my regular OB was on call so he wasn’t there to see me. Instead, a nurse was there to do the U/S but wasn’t qualified to do an internal so she only did one through the abdomen. She couldn’t find the baby. She saw the sac but didn’t see anything else. Since she couldn’t do the internal, I was scheduled to see a different nurse yesterday. She did the internal and couldn’t clearly locate the sac and then she though she saw multiple sacs….needless to say I was a little surprised and worried at the same time! They had me go to different hospital for a “formal ultrasound” with a better machine.

Long story short, after chugging tons of water to fill my bladder, they had no problem finding the sac and our little one inside measuring perfectly!

Introducing…our gummy bear at 8w 3days! 167bpm!!