While my parents are lounging around, tanning on the decks of a cruise ship and snorkeling with the fish somewhere in the warm tropical Caribbean, we’re experiencing this…

NW Snow 2.23.11

We’re in full house hunting mode at the moment. We’re working with a former co-worker of mine, Christina Jarvis, who now works in Real Estate. We plan to go look at a bunch of houses this weekend and hopefully, we’ll find something perfect for us!

We thought we had found a great house 2 weekends ago (1800sqft, 4 beds, 2.5 bath, vaulted ceilings, an absolutely huge entryway/living room with two story windows). We even put in our very first offer! Luckily, there was another offer already on the table and ours was dismissed. We later found out that it was a condo, built like a house – stick built, independent of other structures & had a back yard- (which is a weird concept to begin with) and had HOA (Homeowners Association) dues of $100/month (on top of mortgage) which is crazy considering the average HOA dues around these parts for a normal house is around $250 a year! We’re not crazy about living in an HOA to begin with — too many rules & restrictions for our taste.

So, onward and upward, as they say. I’ve got a whole list of potential houses and now we need to narrow it down to our favorites and our maybes.

I’m already driving Rico crazy with homemade projects that I want to do with our future house. See just a few here: http://lopezinspiration.blogspot.com/ (I started this way before we even began thinking about buying a house so some of the pics are of houses, not just improvements).