As most of you know, we’ve been planning a move to Colorado Springs for a while now. Our goal date was set for this coming summer and I had started working with a job recruiter in the area. Friends and family in the area, you’ll be happy to know…we’re staying in WA for a bit longer than we anticipated!

  • And no ~ I’m not pregnant.
  • Rico wants to continue his AA to complete his Bachelors in Business and started researching universities to transfer to in CS. It turns out to be much more difficult than we anticipated. WA schools run on quarters vs semesters. While working on his AA, he went through 90 credit hours of classes. When he contacted the colleges in Colorado, we learned only 16hrs would transfer. So basically he would have had to start all over again! He would also have been considered a freshman

  • and
  • would have had to repeat most if not all of the courses he had already taken.

    So ultimately, we’ve decided to stay here in order to allow Rico to finish school. Plus he’s considered an in-state student here which is much cheaper than out-of-state in CO. He’s got about 1 1/2 year left at Green River then 2 1/2 at the university of his choosing.

    And on that note, since we’ll be staying probably at least 5 years…we’re going to buy a house!! Yep that’s right – we’re going to be HOMEOWNERS!! First timers here, so if you have any advice, lay it on us!! Last year when we were unofficially looking, we were having a hard time finding anything we liked in our price range. This year, it’s a completely different story! They say it’s a Buyer’s Market and we’re going to take advantage of it! We’ve already found a few that fit our needs and fit into our budget – yay!

    We’ve spoken with 2 mortgage companies to compare rates and we’ve found out what we’re approved for, but we also know how much we actually want to spend to keep payments at a reasonable rate. We meet with our realtor tonight and we should have our loan paperwork by this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂