As I mentioned in my previous post, we aren’t decorating this year for the holidays. Instead, it’s become a mission to see as many lights as we can this year.

We started by heading over the mountain pass to Leavenworth, a Bavarian Village known for it’s Christmas decorations. We drove through on our way back from white water rafting this summer but it was too crowded to stop at that time. This past weekend was the annual tree lighting ceremony. It took about 2 hours to get there and we were lucky enough to have great weather — no restrictions, meaning no snow chains required and really no snow or ice laying on the roads at all. The lights were very pretty though I’m not sure worth all the hype. Below is pretty much the only decent picture I could get. Hordes of people were there for the ceremony which pretty much ruled out any space for me to break out my tripod.
Leavenworth 2010

On the way home, I begged Rico to take me through Candy Cane Lane in Ravenna Park in Seattle. Candy Cane Lane is another touted neighborhood known for their lights. I’ve heard about this neighborhood since I’ve moved here, about how every house is decked out to the nines and it’s a must see. Eh. I think I pictured this huge collection of houses on a long street, all competing for the best decorations. Instead…we saw about 5 houses on a cul du sac, simple decoration and a small central median with a few more pieces. Totally not worth the hype. In fact, I didn’t even break out the camera, it was so short. The below picture is from an article in the Seattle PI talking about how the residents don’t want people to drive through anymore. Well, don’t worry. This was my first and last trip there. The picture actually makes it look much better than it really is.
Candy Cane Lane - Ravenna, Seattle
Picture from the Seattle PI

The following night, I invited Amanda and Abby to head back up to Seattle with me. I assumed Downtown at least had some lights up and I wanted to at least get some good light shots. Seattle is one of my favorite places to see the Christmas lights — though I may be a bit biased since that’s where Rico and my first date was and also where Rico proposed on the horse drawn carriage 🙂

So every time I see these, I smile :o)

We grabbed some hot cocoa and Abby went on the carousel. We finished out our night at the Space Needle.
The Space Needle reflecting off the EMP building.