We’ve decided that since we have some awesome Christmas plans this year, we’re not going to decorate at home.  Which makes it really hard to get into the Christmas spirit.  I get all gooey eyed when I walk around the apartment complex because I, for one, LOVE Christmas lights and a few of our neighbors started decorating even before Thanksgiving (a little crazy I say!).  Anyway, one thing that has gotten me more into the spirit is the fruits of Rico’s labor at the glass blowing class a few weeks ago.

A Witch’s Ball

This one inspired the rest of the class to try and duplicate it!

We call this one… Saturn

Another Witch’s Ball

Feel like Christmas yet??

I was going back through some of my photos from this summer and was disappointed that I still hadn’t gotten the panoramic of Seattle that I was trying for. But then I saw this one!

I wasn’t totally in love with it and knew it could be better with a few tweeks… so here’s my edit:

What do you think?! I think I’ve found my new favorite shot of Seattle!