I arrived back home last night around 8:30 after an amazing trip to New Mexico.  It was an incredible experience and such a great opportunity to meet such talented artists and view the wild horses in their natural habitat.

I took approximately 2000(!!) photos so I have a lot to sort through before I post any.  I really enjoyed learning different tips from Mark Drury (MJD Photography) and Marti Rhea (Photo Art by Marti).  Mark is a portrait and horse photographer in Houston, Texas & Marti is a horse photographer in Portland, Oregon.

Lynne Pomeranz (our workshop guide) is holding another workshop in the Pryor Mountains (on the border of Montana & Wyoming) in June, which I would absolutely LOVE to go to but probably won’t due to funds and that pesky thing called work, lol.

Our first day was spent on the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in Bernalillo, NM, then we drove 3 hours north to Chama, NM (just on the border between NM and Colorado).  In Chama, the second day, we spent at Monero Mustang Ranch, which is a 4700 acre mustang sanctuary with about 100 horses on it.

This was the last shot of the night on our final workshop day, back in Bernalillo – taken with my iPhone so excuse the poor quality.  The sun had already set and we had lost our light but the horses were still playful and gorgeous.