It’s been a bit since I’ve posted.  We’ve been staying busy lately.

As I type this, Rico is sitting in Hunter’s Safety Class in Sultan (a 2 hr drive from here).  Since hunting season is just about to start around here, every local course was filled.  Sultan was the closest that fit into his schedule since he starts back at Green River next week – for his final class before graduation, woohoo!

For me, I’ve been enjoying learning the new aspects of my new position.  Payroll is keeping me challenged and busy – which is great!

We surprised Erika with a paddle boat cruise on the Queen of Seattle a few weeks ago.

Floating houses

Gasworks Park

Rico has taken up a new hobby…Disc Golf.  Think a combination between golf and frisbee.  The best part…it’s free!  I got the opportunity the other day to catch some of his practice.

Of course, Rico has to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself…

And because taking action shots isn’t graceful…a lot of my shots came out like this…

For a belated birthday present, we treated Erika to a night out at a Cancan show in Seattle.  It ended up being more of a strip show than I was expecting but still fun.

Ever since I got the night shot of Seattle at Rizal park, I’ve been wanting to try a panoramic shot.  I went back up to the park and attempted the shot from a different angle.  Apparently this is a popular spot because I wasn’t alone.

I’m not in love with the shot…so I’m sure I’ll go back again to try again.

This past weekend, we went to my first concert at the Gorge.  I’d been told how pretty it is and it’s a favorite of a lot of artists for its acoustics.

My camera is in the shop this week so these were taken by a baby Nikon and from Google Images:

Sorry for the long post…obviously, I need to update more often 😉