We had a perfect weekend for camping.  Dry and hot!  We’ve reached mid-80’s to low 90’s for the past 3 days, with another 2 days coming 🙂  We attempted to leave early on Friday but still ended up in about 3hrs of traffic…(heading South on a Friday afternoon on I-5 is never a good idea!).

Mandy, Shane and Abby along with Stacey, John & Connor, met us at the Rainbow Falls Campground in Chehalis, WA.  The regular campsites were all full, so we ended up with the walk-sites, but it turned out to be for the best.  The walk-in sites were more secluded and offered direct access to the playground and the showers/restrooms.

I will never camp without an air mattress again! Compared to last time, this was luxurious!

My fish!

Jumping Rocks

The guys found a quick way to cool down by jumping into the base of the small waterfall.

The annual Perseid meteor shower was Wednesday & Thursday nights.  We live too close to the city to get skies without light pollution.  So while we were out in the middle of nowhere camping (seriously, no cell reception), I took the opportunity to try my hand at star trails.  We saw multiple shooting stars but I wasn’t able to catch them on camera.

It may sound bad, but I never realized that stars rotated in the sky…We’re going to try this again when we are in El Paso.  We booked our hotel for our road trip in October.  We did the math and figured out it would be less than 1/2 the cost of flying (and renting a car), to drive to El Paso to visit Rico’s grandmother.

I got up at sunrise this morning and ventured out to get a few pictures…the campground was surrounded by farms and large fields of hay.