Last night, Amanda, Shane, Stacey, John and the 4 kids met us at Celebration Park in Federal Way for the Red White & True Blue Festival.  Rico & I went a little early to stake out a good spot to set up camp for the fireworks.  We found a great location right outside the area where they would be shooting off the fireworks, slightly on a hill, so no one could get in the way of the pictures.  Yay, no power lines this time!

True to the Northwest tradition, it was cloudy and threatened to rain the whole time.  It was only about 65 degrees when we got there, so by the time night fell, we were all shivering because the wind was whipping around.

You’d think, slight wind, better fireworks because the smoke would be blowing away…that’s what I thought too…unfortunately, when the wind blows the smoke, it also blows the fireworks away…logical right?? So a lot of the shots ended up like this:

But I did the best I could with what I had and I adore my husband for sticking through it because I know he wasn’t as enthusiastic about seeing the fireworks as I was.



Stacey & Conner


Fun w/ Bugles!


Fun pile!



My handsome husband!

Mandy & Lilly


 We did get front row seats to crazy police drama (there was a fight, people got maced, cuffed then hauled off!) just before the fireworks started, but things calmed down once everyone started paying attention to the light show.

And just for fun, a comparison from last year to this year… Emerald Downs 2009