Our summer agenda is busier than ever and I love it! We have 7 of the next 8 weekends filled with outdoor activities and parties with friends, which makes me smile even more.  Now that the weather’s turned for the better ::crossing our fingers it stays that way:: and we’re feeling better and working out more, we’re finding we want to be outside and doing active things instead of sitting indoors.
July 3 – Saturday we are driving up to Wenatchee and going White Water Rafting (a first for both of us) then on the way back, we’re going to visit the Bavarian village, Leavenworth.
July 11 – Our new gym Anytime Fitness sponsors a local hike every other Sunday at Mount Peak in Enumclaw.  This time we’re going to try it.  We may not survive but if we do, I’ll show you pictures!
July 14 – Miss Erika’s (my mom-in-law) birthday…don’t know what we’re doing as of yet but still an important mention!
July 18 – Billy & Nikki’s son Aiden is turning 2 and they’re throwing a perfect party on a hopefully hot & sunny July day, which includes water guns and water balloon fights for the adults!
July 24 – My Worldwide Photowalk in Tacoma with Erika in the morning, then the Issaquah version at 4pm.
August 5-7 – An adults only camping trip to the eastern side of the mountains with some of Rico’s friends from work.
August 14 – We’ve been invited to the 3rd Annual Garza-palooza – Amanda’s boss – which includes grilling out and a live band and camping in the backyard if the drinks flow too abundantly!
All, of course, accompanied by photos 😉
Now on to some important business:

This little lady made my day by nominating me for the SuperStar Blogger Award.  She makes me makes me snort inappropriately when I read the antics her son puts on and has me in awe of how she makes raising 2 kids look easy.

The rule behind accepting this award is I must now divulge 7 things the blogging world doesn’t know about me, so here it goes:

1. It creeps me out the sound that eggs make when you put them in water to boil.  It sounds like little baby chicks chirping to be let out.

2. I have a bachelors degree in English degree but I love my job in accounting, yet I still haven’t figured out what I want to do with my life career wise.  I love my photography and ideally would love to just travel around the world with my husband and take photos for a living, but it seems too unrealistic to be a viable option!

3. My green thumb is so broken, it’s black!  Seriously! I’m horrible at keeping plants alive and yet I still want to have a vegetable and herb garden.  I haven’t tried it yet but I’m thinking about it.  Though that would require more sun than where we live now.

4. I hate raw onions, but love them cooked (at least the point where I can’t taste them but they still give the food flavor)

5. I used to hate steak, now I can’t get enough.  My parents love to tell the story about them eating steak while I preferred hotdogs!

6.  I tried being a vegetarian when I was younger because my star crush – Jonathan Taylor Thomas – once said in Tiger Beat that he was a vegetarian.  I lasted 1 day…

7. I have a scar on my right ring finger from sticking my hand in an air conditioning fan while it was running when I was young.

These bloggers make my day go by so much faster and keep me so entertained!  And my nominees are:
1. Kris at Pretty All True
2. Ree at The Pioneer Woman
3. Amanda at The Family Blog