It’s almost mid June and it’s still pouring outside…though the rain pattern seems to have a break in it for the next few days.  We’re so going to take advantage of this!  I came across this website about scenic drives of Washington and have been itching to get out and see them.  Of course for the past few weekends, we’ve either been busy (Photowalk) or it was raining (rain does not make my pictures look good).  So tonight, we are taking off super late (or super early depending on how you look at it).  We’ll be leaving around 3am to make it down to Portland then head over to the Columbia River Gorge in time for sunrise (morning light & sunset make great photo light opportunities).  It’s about a 3 1/2 hr drive so we should arrive just in time.  With the weather outlook gorgeous (blue skies and around 75 degrees) I expect by the end of the day we’ll be swamped with people out and about, taking advantage of the nice weekend (another reason to start out early).

The other things I want to go see are:
Rattlesnake Ridge (which has an amazing view despite the horrible name!)

Coulee Corridor
So if I can recruit some of my photo buddies (hint hint!) to go with me, these should all be fun day trips!

Today at work, they recruited us to help serve brunch to the high school seniors (my hand is sore from scooping out so many eggs, it’s hard to type!).  They look so young to be graduating from high school (way to make me feel old!!).  But then again, there are some of them that are way too mature looking to be high school seniors!  That reminds me though, they officially set the date of my 10 year high school reunion for October 15, 2011 I haven’t completely decided if I want to attend yet…but it’ll probably depend on where we’re at at that time, too.

Confession: I fell off the wagon…the exercise wagon that is.  I haven’t been to gym since Sunday (and I feel guilty every night when I’m cozy on the couch and going to bed on time to get a good nights sleep – but obviously not guilty enough to go to the gym this week!).  But I do plan to go tonight and Sunday (Saturday might be out because of our day trip).  But good news…I’m down to the last notch in my most favorite and warn belt and my comfy, tight jeans are now almost too loose!  Though the scale isn’t showing much change, my clothes definitely are 🙂