Yesterday was the the 1st Annual I Heart Faces Photowalk and I am so glad we participated.  Amanda, Erika, Rebecca and I loaded up our equipment and headed up to Seattle at 7:30 in the morning, leaving ourselves enough time to find time to find parking spots for two cars (one at the end of the route and one at the beginning).  Turns out we were incredibly smart for leaving an hour and half early for a half hour drive.    Lets just say the four of us definitely don’t know Seattle like the back of our hand!  But we did make it to our meeting spot on time, after a few U turns (my specialty).

After a week of rain, we were pleasantly surprised to get gorgeous blue skies and no rain in sight.  We were prepared to carry umbrellas around all day (to protect the cameras) but that would have been uncomfortable and awkward!
We had 3 models, rotating between the groups as we walked around downtown.  Imagine 5-10 people surrounding one woman who is posing.  It honestly felt like we were paparazzi!  We had people come up to us asking what was going on a lot.  Some of the girls started having fun with it and said we were shooting scenes for a movie, haha!
It was a win-win situation.  The models get free photos to build their portfolios and we get free experience with our camera and photos to build our portfolio if we so desire.
{Left Click on photos to see full size}
Katie Heart

Li Leung

Simone Grant

If I could change one thing about yesterday it would have been the time we started and how long we were able to shoot.  The sun is up around 6am these days so to get great light, I think we should have started around then instead of 9am.  And according to the national rules, we were only allowed to shoot from 9-11am so it didn’t give us a lot of time for setting up tripods and such (I didn’t use mine at all – though I did carry it around the time.)
Since portrait photography isn’t my forte, I also shot some stuff around the girls.  

 This is a non-photoshoped photo…the clouds reflected perfectly off the glass building.

At the end of the walk, we all went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for lunch …mmm!  Since we were in Seattle anyway, Amanda took us over to one of the other well known sights …The Troll under the Fremont Bridge.  Meet The Troll:

 Pretty, ain’t he??

I completely stole the idea of the under the bridge shot from Amanda – Thanks Mandy!!