#3 – Joe at 2%
#2 – Me at 4.42% (yes I’m going to be trivial on the amount because I’m damn proud of that #!!)
#1 – Holly at an awesome 6%
Congratulations Holly!  I now have to go scrounge around for quarters because I owe her a Subway sandwich for lunch.  These were high stakes, people!
As we wrap up BFL here, Rico is just beginning his.  For the next 12 weeks.  I’ve lost 10.4lbs in the past 4 weeks (about 2.5lbs a week) which they say is the healthiest way to lose it and keep it off.  I have to constantly remind myself not to compare to the real Biggest Loser because that’s TV and while they’re doing it healthily, they also work out 7hrs a day and have trainers and take 6 months off of real life to do it.
I’m actually really enjoying trying to find new recipes to torture Rico with.  I’ve started following Cooking Light and Kalyn’s Kitchen.  I have to give up such delights as The Pioneer Woman because while all of her recipes are delicious, they also contain enough calories to drown a horse! 

We don’t really have any weekend plans right now, but Rico did find a photography equipment sale going on at the Puyallup Fair grounds, so we might go check that out.  I’m really drooling over a Nikkor Autofocus 50mm f/1.8D which is a really great universal lens that takes awesome shots in low light situations.  So like my Thanksgiving pictures that came out yellowish…yeah, this would have helped that! Now the other one…it’s on the “you can only afford it in your wildest dreams list”… AF-S Nikkor 16-35mm f/4G ED VR.  I want this one for landscapes – you know those really awesome wide angle shots that have a ton of sky and detail to them.  Yep, that’s what this lens does!

You may go back to your regularly scheduled programs now and I will go wipe the drool off the keyboard and get back to that thing they call work …