The beach, horses and friends…it doesn’t get much better than that for me!
Mandy asked me to go along with her to chaperon her sister Rachael, Rachel’s friend Lacey and Mandy’s daughter Abby on Spring Break in Ocean Shores.
I’m-An-Adult-Realization-Moment #1: I overheard the girls say one morning, “They’re already dressed and ready …its only 10:30!”  Oh, the horror! And my mother will laugh when she reads this because I was the exact same way!
I’m-An-Adult-Realization-Moment #2: We had to teach Abby how to use a VCR this weekend…she’d never seen one before!  What? Rewinding takes minutes instead of seconds?!
We had a wonderfully beautiful weekend with great weather, if a bit windy.  We were afraid we would get rained out or it would be too cold but neither happened.  Abby was even able to get into a bathing suit on Sunday afternoon and dig some holes in the sand.

While the girls were playing in the sand and releasing some pent up energy from the 2 1/2 hr ride, Mandy and I grabbed our cameras.

 Miss Abby and her favorite horse:
Saturday afternoon, we went horseback riding on the beach.  I got to ride a gigantic horse… I don’t know if he was a Clydesdale but he sure had the look and height of one!  He was the Great Dane of the group 🙂 His name was Trigger and he was a doll!  If I could do this everyday, I would be one happy lady!