First, an update on the car… everything is back to normal, my trunk is fixed and as good as new.  LM’s research department was able to find a valid address for the guy and they should be able to put a flag on his account for when he goes to update his tabs with the DMV.  I don’t ever expect to get my $100 deductible back but it would be a nice surprise!
Roozengaarde is one of the largest shippers of tulips in the world and has over 1000 acres of tulips.  They also sponsor the local Tulip Festival.  Today, Amanda and I ventured about an hour and half north to Mount Vernon to see the first batch of blooms.

We even found a few that were kind of scary!  Looks like Venus Flytraps, huh?
We weren’t the only ones there, but it definitely wasn’t as busy as it was last year when Rico and I went.  Last year, we drove up in mid-April and the blooms hadn’t even begun to blossom yet. This year, the tulips started blooming about 1-2 weeks earlier than normal due to our spectacular winter weather. As you can tell in some of the photos, the weather held out and we had an awesome warm trek through the muddy fields.
Who knew ice cream grew out of the ground?!