I just got off the phone with UniTrin, the guy’s insurance company…his insurance was canceled due to non-payment…greeeaaat! No wonder he wanted to settle in cash (yeah right, like I was going to do that) and was in a hurry to leave the scene. He admitted he was at fault, handed me his insurance paperwork and asked “are we good?” and hightailed it out of there. I was too shaken up to do more than get his phone #.

Liberty Mutual (our insurance) is being pretty good about it for now. They said once Liberty receives a formal statement from UniTrin stating the guy is uninsured and since we have Uninsured Motorist coverage (thank heavens!), my deductible will be lowered from $1000 to $100.

Good thing I went back to my old schedule with Wednesdays off – I’ll have a full weekday to try to handle the estimates and get a rental car.