Thursday was Rico’s 30th birthday. Thursday night we ate dinner at The Keg – a delicious steak dinner! To follow that up, on Saturday, I woke him up early and took him to a glass blowing class. This was by far, the coolest thing we’ve done!

The glory hole…
My turn:)After making our bowls, we went to make some pottery. Sorry – no pictures there. It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Rico really enjoyed pottery class in high school but we went to Klay Krazy here in Auburn. Unfortunately, the women running the place didn’t really know what they were doing. They had us watch a dvd on how to make a bowl and then sat us down at the wheel and told us to go at it. No real lesson, the wheels were unbalanced so even if we could make something, it would have ended up lopsided. Rico even got a slight discount on his session because he attempted to fix the wheel, something the ladies didn’t even know how to do. We spent an hour with our hands in muddy clay and called it quits. Next time, we’ll go to a more professional studio.

Following the failed pottery class, we went home, showered and cleaned up because Rico had another surprise coming up. He figured it out pretty quickly when we turned into Emerald Downs (which is where I work). A surprise party! I reserved the 6th floor suites for his party and invited 15 of his closest friends. We lounged around in the suites with its 9 tvs, great views and comfy leather couches. We dined on chicken skewers, beef & cheddar and pulled pork & slaw sliders, egg rolls & pot stickers and a Thai noodle salad. For dessert, we had an absolutely delicious ice cream cake from Cold Stone. Btw, this had to be one of the best ice cream cakes I’ve ever had! We definitely will be going back if we ever need one again.After dinner & cake & opening presents, most of us headed out to an old hang out of Rico’s, Papa’s Pub where we met up with a few more friends. Rico had a great time catching up with his old friends and new, along with a few (or rather a lot) of drinks. Let’s just say the birthday boy was feeling it the next day! Lol, and that feeling is why we didn’t go up to the gun range (which was the 2nd half of my “experience” birthday” plan). Oh well, maybe sometime soon!

But speaking of soon… 7 days til Florida!!!