Saturday morning we got up early and met up with two other couples to head up to Snoqualmie Summit to go tubing. We went to the 9am session because Saturdays tend to be super busy and the later you wait, the more people you have to deal with and less times you get to go down the hill. We spent 2 hours sliding down the hill on inner tubes and trudging up the hill afterward (ok we only hoofed it up once and that was enough for us – the rest of the trips up we hopped a ride on the tube lift!).

After freezing our butts off, we warmed up at the Pancake House where Shane and Amanda treated us to breakfast. Then we all headed back home for a nap. Later that night, we met up with Shane & Amanda and John & Stacy again to go to Karaoke. Now neither of us are really into karaoke but that’s what they wanted to do so we joined. And Rico did actually get up and do quite a few numbers (of course that could have been the Patron shots that the bar had on special, which also happens to be his drink of choice after Corona). He is actually a pretty decent singer (which is why he did so well in his middle & high school choir).

We had grand intentions of having a romantic steak dinner at the Keg for our 1 year anniversary on Sunday…yeah that didn’t happen. We were both so sore from tubing on Saturday, that all we did on Sunday was lounge around and watch movies after sleeping in late. I never thought tubing was that physical but apparently it is. Our whole bodies hurt and our throats were raw from breathing all the cold air (I blame mine on the cold, Rico can blame his on the singing the night before). We did dig into the top layer of our wedding cake though…it was a little dry but it was still really good for being in the freezer for a year.

So a pretty good weekend, I say. Tonight we’re doing bbq ribs in the crockpot. I’ll let you know how they turn out!