As 2009 comes to a close, we’ve decided to look ahead and make the most of what we’ve got together. In that spirit, we have set a goal move date for Colorado Springs. I think it helps to have something we are working toward and a deadline, per say. This helps us map out how we want to proceed with finances and such.

So, our anticipated move date: Spring/Summer of 2011. It seems so far away …but then again, so did our wedding for a while. And even though we are going to miss terribly the friends we’ve made here, we’re welcoming a fresh start in a new state with new friends and new adventures.

On the bright side, for those we’re leaving behind…we’ll be a wonderful vacation destination should you want to come visit us – this of course applies to both West & East Coast peeps!

Rico just finished up his 2nd sleep study, this time with the CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). The one he will actually use will go over his mouth as well. Doesn’t he look so pleased??

This experience was completely opposite of the 1st study. He woke up alert and with oodles (yes I said oodles!) of energy – something that hasn’t happened a long time! He was actually perky in the morning! Next step is to order the machine and have it adjusted for him (luckily he has great insurance and it covers 80% of the machine’s cost), which should be either today or Monday. ::is that a night without earplugs i see in my future??::

Rico also starts a new quarter at school on Monday – just ordered his books ($300, ouch!). This quarter will be all online though so he won’t have to drag himself to school at night after work. Hopefully he will be able to get all of his classes in and he will have completed his AA by Dec of 2010.

We’re going snow tubing on Jan 16th. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a big group of friends to go with us as well to make it extra special. This will be my first time tubing (at least on snow – I did get on an intertube pulled by a boat back home, but of course that was much warmer!)!!

PS: A quick shout out to my very first follower! Miss BellaKai at Porkchop’s Modern Life, welcome to the blogging world!

Good bye 2009 , Happy 2010 Everyone!