Tonight we’re having our Emerald Downs Christmas party, which is exciting because I haven’t seen some of my co-workers outside of work since the wedding. I don’t think it will be a wild and crazy party but I’m all for free food and drinks!

Tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary :). We’re celebrating Friday by heading up to Seattle to see the Christmas lights and having dinner. It’s becoming a tradition for us. The Seattle Christmas lights was part of our first date, then Rico proposed under the lights a year later. We would have waited to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary in Seattle but the Christmas lights will be down by January 17th.

We have some good news…Rico is going in for a sleep study this Sunday. This is the first step in the process of getting approval (or at least insurance approval) for surgery for his deviated septum. The surgery is normally considered cosmetic so insurance usually doesn’t pay. The exception is if he is diagnosed with Sleep Apnea (which most likely will happen), the insurance should cover it since it’s considered a medical/health threatening condition.

9 days til Christmas and I can’t wait! We put up lights outside this year…we’re one of two festive apartments in our complex. I will get a picture soon of Rico’s hard work – he did an awesome job. Speaking of Christmas, we got an early Christmas present … we’re going to Florida in February for a week. How awesome is that?! It will be great to get a reprieve from the Northwest winter and to see Mom and Bucky for the 1st time in almost a year and half (The last time we saw them was September of 08 when we visited NC and my grandfather was down from Nova Scotia).

Next year, we’re trying to figure out a way to spend one of the holidays in NC with my family. It didn’t work out this year but Rico is excited to see the OBX during Christmas, if we can make it work.

This is our little Christmas tree this year (not the best picture…makes it look puny, lol). Hopefully, we’ll have better pictures at Christmas. You can’t see it, but it was snowing outside when I took the picture.