We had an absolutely decadent dinner at Ipanema’s Brazillian Grill tonight. This was our first time ever there and it was awesome and drool-worthy! There are two major parts, the sides and the meat. The side/salad bar had an abundant assortment of fresh veggies, breads and salads served family style (it’s designed so a vegetarian could visit and enjoy dinner as well) . Once we sat down with our salad plates, along came the parade of meats. I tried 7 different steak types all by myself! They come around with huge hunks of meat kabob style and slice off pieces for you to try. ::see below picture::

I’ve never had Filet Mignon before, but oh my heavens, it was good. I do believe it has surpassed my love of Prime Rib and Sirloin! ::wipes chin:: It’s hard to believe but when I was a kid, I would rather eat hot dogs than steak. Oh the shame of it!
Oh, I tried buffalo for the first time too – it’s pretty tasty! If any of my family ever visits the West Coast, we’ll definitely have to take them there (hint, hint!!). After dinner, we drove to the Space Needle to take some pictures.
After the Space Needle, Rico surprised me by driving over to Alki Beach. I’ve never been to Alki at night but it’s got a gorgeous view of the city. I don’t have the patience for night photography, so most of these shots are Rico’s doing.
You can see the cruise ships in port in the below pictures:Qwest Field is the blue arches on the right of the pictureSo far, this has been the best birthday week ever! Now, I have to come up with something equally as awesome for Rico’s 30th in January!!! Any ideas?!