Happy Birthday to me! Today is my 26th. We’re not doing anything tonight (Rico has school tonight) so he and Erika (my mother-in-law) are taking me to Cheesecake Factory for dinner tomorrow night – yum (one of my most favorite restaurants ever)! But for tonight, I’m making Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps – healthy and delicious!

Jess is taking me out on Wednesday for my birthday AND Thursday, Rico is taking me to Ipanema Grill in Seattle. It’s a Brazillian grill that neither one of us have been to before but have heard it’s delicious! They come around with long skewers of assorted grilled meats and slice it off onto your plate. So much for my healthy eating!!

Wednesday is a baby shower for one of my friends here at work. She’s due around Thanksgiving and she’s the one who is training me to do payroll. On Friday, we’re celebrating Jess’s birthday with a small party at her parents’ house (her birthday is Oct 17).

In addition to all of that, we’re counting down the days until Hawaii (9 days) … working on our fake’n’bake tans and working out (in between work, school and birthday celebrations). It makes me tired just thinking about it all! Good thing we have a vacation coming up! Speaking of which, we just booked a Haunted Canoe ride at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Halloween is Rico’s favorite holiday so we get to celebrate it in Hawaii and here! We went to a haunted corn maze this past Saturday (which was awesome and scary!!) and when we get back from Hawaii, we’ve 3 days until a Halloween party at Tasha’s. I’m going to be a Vampiress and Rico will be a drunk Monk! I’ll be sure to include pictures, hehe!

Something we’ll have to get used to: According to weather reports, it’s been snowing in Colorado Springs for the past couple of days. Their first big snow storm is usually around Halloween so this apparently is just a teaser because today it’s back up in the 60’s.